20 Dofollow Sites list 2017 – Social Bookmarking High PR

20 Dofollow sites list 2017

20 Dofollow Sites list 2017 – Social Bookmarking High PR. Everyone is looking for good places to get a dofollow link. This is not easy. This often involves considerable effort. It’s not about money. Directly. It’s about time. It turns out that on many sites it takes a lot of time and creativity to get the desired dofollow link.

On the other hand – more good backlinks – more traffic on the site. More traffic to your site – more advertising revenue.
I respect the importance of adding backlinks. The same dofollow backlinks gained in the short term are for Google – suspicious.

You may find that you lose more than you gain. Therefore – moderation in getting backlinks is recommended! Below is a list of 20 pages with Page Rank 6.


20 Dofollow Sites list 2017

Social Bookmarking Page Rank 6 (Free Submission)

  • hotklix.com
  • webstarts.com
  • sphinn.com
  • wetpaint.com
  • blog.de
  • skyrock.com
  • spruz.com
  • care2.com
  • hubpages.com
  • doodlekit.com
  • blogsome.com
  • gather.com
  • cabanova.com
  • crowdvine.com
  • travelblog.org
  • myanimelist.net
  • areavoices.com
  • purevolume.com
  • shutterfly.com
  • socialmediatoday.com

Social Bookmarking Dofollow Sites  РRemarks:

  • In many cases, the short article type “hi, I found something interesting (link)” will not be accepted. That’s why I wrote about effort and time. You may find that you will have to sacrifice some of the article. Change it, link naturally (with long keywords).
  • Personally, after testing a lot of different sites I chose a few places – where I stayed longer. Everyone has their preferences – so I’m not suggesting anyone. Look for yourself – good sites from where you will draw backlinks.
  • Often the registration process itself can be tiring. Personal data is required. There are hidden ways to add articles (of course backlinks), or you have to meet a few conditions to do so.
  • Free Submission – means that you do not pay for it to get backlink (by writing an article, for example).
  • You may find that on a given page after some time will turn off dofollow. Do not worry – nofollow backlinks have their value – thanks to them – your website looks natural.