A wise choice of WordPress template for the project.

A wise choice of WordPress template for the project. Without the word “wise” the choice is simple. Free WordPress template. I guess everyone starts with that.

A wise choice of WordPress template for the project

The basic rule is: to see a fully working WordPress template and see if it fits your project – you have to spend hours. Write a few articles, set a few pages, add a lot of graphic design. Give the website videos. Sometimes add some sample ads. Then with your content, you will see whether the WordPress template fits or not.

Free WordPress template advantages and disadvantages

The basic rule is: you can find a truly free template (for commercial use) that is enough for your project. It is difficult – but possible.


  • Free


  • You need to read the license carefully. It may be that placing ads is a license violation. So it must be free for commercial use.
  • Free templates have very few options. They have big limitations – you will not see the full potential of your website. You will not put very effective movie on the home page, great mega menu, you will not set fonts, colors. Or you have only a few fonts – not 60 (in a professional paid template).

I personally found only one free template that is beautiful. It has several free options to create a nice website. This is: Free WordPress Olsen Light Template.

Premium WordPress template advantages and disadvantages

The basic rule is: Not every paid WordPress template is good.


  • You get a really powerful tool to create a great looking site.
  • With the best WordPress templates you have a continuous and multi-year update
  • When you buy a WordPress template, you often get many months of support (you can write or call the template creator – he will tell you how to deal with problems)
  • Plenty of options that will allow you to completely change the look of your website.


  • You have to spend money. For a good WordPress template – about $ 50.

How to choose a WordPress template.

(A wise choice of WordPress template for the project) – My hint.

If you are looking for a free WordPress template:

  • It has changed a lot over the years. Once free WordPress templates meant that we have a free amateur template and a commercial template but with restrictions.
  • Today (this is my opinion) in the circle of interests remained only those commercial wordpress templates with limitations. Why? I once created templates. Later I modified these available. And now I have no intention of touching anything. Simply – now the templates are so complicated, they have so many features. No amateur will create a good wordpress template. It takes a lot of time and requires a lot of knowledge.
  • And finally – Read the licenses.

If you are looking for a commercial WordPress template:

  • If a paid wordpress template has a “free version” (this is often called a “light template”) – test it out.
  • If the paid template does not have the “light” version – read the review of what they bought. Look at the created websites in a paid template.
  • Never buy a template just after seeing the demo version.

This website (Rithven Inspire) is made on a paid template (SimpleMag Magazine theme). Not all options have been tested but so far I can say that this is a great template. Worth every dollar I paid. I saw magazines, newspapers, shops made in this template. All these websites look great.

I am constantly modifying the look of my website – but it’s normal. More content – more possibilities.

If you want to see interesting WordPress templates: WordPress themes