Hey. I’m Rithven. I will not write here about myself (this information can be found on my portfolio). I write about Rithven Inspire website.

search engine optimization

Why did I create this page?

Few reasons:

  • I am interested (as an amateur) in creating web pages. I’ve always liked to put something online. My first websites were in plain HTML.
    The next website I created in WordPress and in Joomla. After some time, I completely relinquished the use of Joomla (although I still think that in this CMS can make beautiful and elaborate websites). For the moment I only use WordPress.
  • I love learning something new. And it’s best for me to go out trying to teach someone something.
  • For the moment, I believe that I can fully create any kind of website from scratch. The problem is to be noticed on the internet. And that is the main topic I am dealing with and I describe on the Rithven Inspire website.
  • In fact, the more I learn about SEO, the more I think I know nothing about SEO. Why? Because almost everything that is available on the internet is a kind of lie. Everything is focused on marketing and advertising. Everything is focused on getting as many listeners as possible. Everything is focused on making money.
  • My only thought for the moment with which I want to share with you is this:

You will know SEO only from the marketing side

The rest eg:

  • Link using naked link or anchor text.
  • How much% anchor text can be in the entire backlink pool
  • And such questions

This is all important but not as important as my thought.

Rithven Inspire is safe to use

I decided on the site Rithven Inspire to put only Adsense ads. There are no affiliate links, shopping carts, no emails, no registration.

Why I can not understand what you wrote?

Because English is not my native language. In fact, this is the fourth language I’ve learned in my life and I’m not good at it.

Why do you write in English rather than in their native language?

Few reasons:

  • I do not have the money to translator
  • There is no such plugin for WordPress which will translate (free) a good article
  • Although I do not speak English well I can do (and do) the corrections to articles
  • SEO – control over H1, H2 etc
  • The more I write – the more I learn – the better I have English – the better the article