Best 6 popular social networking sites for SEO

Best 6 popular social networking sites for SEO

Best 6 popular social networking sites for SEO. If you do not know it I’ll tell you – Social Media are very important to position your website in the search engine Google. Or in other search engines. The second sentence which is 100% true: to position the website are suitable every social media. After the joyful introduction proceeding to discuss the topic of this article which is

Best 6 popular social networking sites for SEO

I chose only six of the 15 most popular (at the moment). All traffic which is the power of social media I have posted below a simple picture.


Red pointed my choice which is in my opinion the best social media for SEO. Blue pointed social media that in certain circumstances choose for SEO. Black pointed these social media that do not see the point of their inclusion in my projects.

A brief reminder of SEO

  • All that is stronger than you promote you – because everyone is fighting for mentions of your website in a stronger services.
  • All that is weaker than you after some time, reduces your rank – so the advanced SEO (after one year of operation of the website – provided you had a lot of activity – you’re canceling “bad” backlinks.)
  • SEO gives everything – every newspaper online, every blog, every forum. All.
  • After all – NoDoFollow links are still important – the vast majority of social media output backlinks is just NoDoFollow
  • Backlinks DoFollow gain mainly on blogs
  • Generally intenet closes on DoFollow linksdisappear place to generate such links.

Popular social networking sites for SEO

Returning to the main topic I explain exactly why these social networking sites are best for SEO. They are universal – every kind of your activity on the network can promote through each of those services. Others are more thematic or do not you just more suited to certain types of websites (eg. Instagram is good for cooking blogs, clothing, etc). Each of these sites can easily hook up to WordPress.

Best 6 popular social networking sites for SEO

  • Facebook – pure strength plus more and more applications. Someone said that if you’re not on Facebook does it mean that you do not exist.
  • Instagram – it seems like I mentioned more thematic a social media but: growing (soon there will be an option a district blog) and easily plug the pictures there – advertising or promotional videos and send to the appropriate wall. Well, it looks professional.
  • Google+ – but only has one significant advantage – as someone starts to watch your wall in Goole + is Google search he will spin out other search results to promote your listings.
  • YouTube – ease-of attaching the film to WordPress is large. Ease of doing YouTube profile is too large. And furthermore have a Google+ profile, without having a profile on YouTube is a scandal (or vice versa).
  • PinterestI can not decide whether this portal has a future or not but the process of adding content to Pinterest from your website is very simple and fast. Therefore, it is with me in the lead.

Alternative social networking sites

Reddit – although fairly easy to use and gives good SEO but it takes a lot of time – it’s as if you ran a separate website. In addition, you need to watch out for the rules (where to enter, what you type). All in all, for me, has fallen to the rank of a good blog (we are talking about SEO for your website) which has the same level of difficulty of use (registration, entries, comments).
Linkedin – any good SEO audit indicates the number of links from Linkedin to your website. But as for me, this social networking site that is targeted for professionals requires too much work for the positioning of your website despite many plugins for WordPress. But I think that if you have a website type portfolio is on Linkedin need to be. This is a complement to the image professional (and probably for the popularity of this service is based).
Flickr – photos and images. If you are a photographer is fitting to be there. I am not (professional photographer). It’s that next Linkedin.
Other social networking sites – too niche. Remember that keeping even one profile on a social media takes time. So – what too much is not healthy.

Which social networking sites I chose for SEO


(best 6 popular social networking sites for SEO)

  • Professional looking
  • A large range of customers
  • Ease of use
  • Usually the ease of connecting to WordPress, and vice versa
  • Time – you do not have a lot of it and those listed social networks take the least time.
  • Strength SEO – the largest.