Best simple Guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising – How to be visible?

Best simple Guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising. Yes it’s true. You have found a simple guide that will give you the answer to the question: How to be visible in social media? Another important thing is to realize that this has a huge impact on the SEO of your website.

This guide will be supplemented with new information as my work progresses. Everything I write in this guide personally checked.

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For whom is written my Simple Guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising?

Basically for everyone. I think even people who feel great in social media will find some valuable information for themselves. Why? Because the guide is written from the perspective of not a person who uses social media as a regular user.

The best simple guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising is written from the position of a person who wants to use social media to advertise (by default his website but also promote various things such as Facebook fanpage).

Best simple Guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising - How to be visible?

Why do I write about using social media to promote your website?

In my opinion this is the final stage. To promote your website you have to eg use the promotion Facebook Fanpage of your website. If you think deeply about this problem, this approach does not sound wrong.

  • Imagine that you just want to promote your Facebook Fanpage. You do not need Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ etc. You only need to be on Facebook and actively work there. But…
  • Website promotion is an effort to be active on at least some social media. What’s more – many of your activities will involve promoting your account on a single community medium. You will use other social media to do this.

That is why I will write in the context of promoting a website on social media.

If you are only interested in a narrow field of promotion – read only the part of the guide that is relevant to a particular social medium.

What is social media

What is social media?

In short: these are places where a group of people with specific interests can express their opinions, express themselves by writing, sending graphics and videos, and where other people evaluate their actions.

Can you exist without social media?

Everyone has heard of social networking sites. Names: Facebook or Twitter or YouTube (Yes, YouTube must be considered a social medium) are so common in consciousness like water, bread…

There is a saying: there is no you on Facebook that means you do not exist.

Something in this saying is true. According to me, this statement must be read like this:

There is no you in the context of promoting your business, website or show skills in the case of not using social media.

Even if you do not actually use social media in person, someone places your photos, videos or describes you having a great company. Why not accelerate this process of showing your business through personal involvement in social media? That is why I write The Best Simple Guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

What social media should I choose to promote a website-

What social media should I choose to promote a website?

This is not a simple question. You have to consider a few things:

  • Credibility
  • Content
  • Time
  • Purpose

Everything is connected so I will describe all these things together.

Example: You create an information service about war, conflicts in different parts of the world.

The best social medium is Twitter. It simply serves to exchange information in a fast way. When you use to send information on Twitter you are credible. Condition – Use the appropriate hashtags. If you, for example, had information about the blades of the convoy with some kids tagged as a funny story then you would not be credible. Because it’s not a funny story.

Twitts on twitter live about 16 minutes. This means that after 16 minutes the information released on Twitter is inaccessible. There is no impact on the audience. You will not increase the number of people you want to encourage to enter your website (your purpose).

Another matter of the content of your news. You can have a great article. But You do not know how to use Twitter. You can not create a great looking twit. No one will come to your website and nobody will read your article.

There may be another possibility. You are great at creating amazing twits. The problem is that you direct people to a poor article. Effect? They will not come back to your website. It is possible that they will also discourage others from looking at your website.

Solution: You have to balance the time you spend on creating good material and the time it takes to create a great twit.

Problem not solved: 16 minutes. With such a large project as a news site, one person is unable to write a lot of good quality articles and work on Twitter marketing (Time!!!).

What is important when choosing social media-

What is important when choosing social media?

  • Number of social media users.
  • What topics interest people in different social media.
  • The difficulty in creating action / reaction on a particular social medium.

Number of social media users

Some time ago I wrote about the number of users of particular social media. In my opinion, the number of users is not decisive in choosing a social medium.

The most important parameter is the impact on people. You can choose Facebook instead of Pinterest. Facebook is 10 x bigger than Pinterest. But it may be that Pinterest will give you the most traffic to your website.

I read somewhere stupid statement that Pinterest are used by women in their free time, most often before midnight. Really? Just enter Pinterest and it turns out that this is a great social medium in which information is conveyed through elaborate pictures and graphs.

The difficulty in creating action / reaction on a particular social medium

The problem with social media is that although millions of people use it,  social media are still more or less closed environments. The important question is: What topics interest people in different social media?

What topics interest people in different social media-

If you do not identify with the dominant topics on a given social medium – It does not make sense to spend a lot of time on a given social medium because You will not be credible and will not increase traffic on your website (nobody will read what you have to say).

Try to “hit” on reddit. There are other rules than Pinterest. Rather, it is a social medium with light issues. If you have a website about solving complex mathematical formulas. Well…

But if you can make graphics telling funny stories and your website is about funny stories – that’s a great choice. Reddit is for you. Interestingly – Reddit can give you tons of dofollow backlinks that will increase the SEO of your website.

You have to answer the question: what are you good at?

  • In writing a very encouraging sentence consisting of 10 words?
  • To make a great chart?
  • To make a great banner?
  • e.t.c.

If you answer honestly, you will find at least one social medium for yourself. Then your marketing in social media will be effective.

How many social media would you use to effectively promote a website?

With so many social media how many you can. This is the basis of social media marketing. I am not joking. But I’ve written that if you are using even one social medium: it is time-consuming, you should taking care of credibility, you should taking care of content, etc. It’s all true. And everything can be connected. How?

The social media you use to actively promote your website.

There is not enough time. But for two, three social media you will find time. Choose the one that best suits the area you are writing about. And most appropriate for the form of content transmission in which you feel good (either text, or video, or graphics). Be active, publish often.

The social media you use to passively promote your website.

What am I talking about? About SEO and basically about Off Page SEO – ie any action to get dofollow backlinks to your website (sometimes you only get nofollow backlinks).

Social media usually has a very large domain authority. It can be said that they have a high Page Rank (used to be a very popular parameter determining the strength of the impact of the website on other websites).

You are creating a profile. You give a description of your web site and you give a url link to your web site (if possible – use a keyword phrase).

Social media marketing – a mixed way

In short: On a social medium that you use passively through wordpress, your articles will automatically be published. Due to lack of time, you do not actively participate in discussions with people on a given social medium. You just publish your articles.

Maybe someone will benefit from it – will come to your website. But the main goal is: getting backlinks (even nofollow). You publish 100 articles – you have 100 backlinks.

I always wondered by checking the strength of an SEO site from where it has so many backlinks. The answer is simple: the page is 6 years old, 1000 articles. 10 social networking sites. Minimum 10,000 backlinks. As I have mentioned, social networking sites have a great (positive) impact on the SEO of your website. Why not use it?

Why can not I use this form of social media marketing on every social network?

Another simple answer. Not every social media allows you to automatically add content from your website (or external application). Sometimes such action may endanger the closure of the account on a given social medium (eg Instagram wants you to publish everything manually and does not allow automatic content publishing applications).

Strengthening social media marketing

Strengthening social media marketing – linking social media into a fist

What I mean? Achieving two goals. I point out that both goals are inextricably linked. First I will start with easier.

Strengthen the SEO of your website.

Theoretically it does not matter if you do something like this:

linking social media to website

Or something like that:

linking social media to website and to social media

Nevertheless, I believe that: Google says that it wants to know everything about your website. Google does not want you to block the resources of your website using blocking commands in robots.txtGoogle explains it in a way that Google wants to know your website well to be able to provide search results well.

In this case, the strong link between your website and social media and between social media and other social media will give Google consistent information about your website.

Also remember: A lot of names in social media are occupied by other users. It is better to associate the names (often different) with each other.

linking social media into a fist

Linking social media into a fist

As I mentioned before, the various social media are different among themselves – different subject matter and form of content transmission.

Example: if on your website every second article is a movie and every second article is a funny story it means that only every second article you put on YouTube. But you can sign every movie: “if you want to read funny stories then:”.

And here is the choice in driving the traffic.
Because you can direct traffic to your website or Facebook fanpage (for example). Why is this important?

  • Maybe your website is not yet fully formed but you want to get a bunch of followers / readers / viewers. Drive traffic from YouTube to Facebook Fanpage.
  • Maybe you did not have an idea for an interesting article – you just wrote a short funny note on Facebook Fanpage. Direct traffic to your Facebook Fanpage.
  • You wrote a great article on your website – direct traffic to your website.

In general, such traffic control for social media makes you reach people who only use social media. Is it wrong? No – you want a general promotion. Maybe this person will write on Facebook to his friend that she found a great Facebook Fanpage. And that friend will come to your website.

Important questions:

  • Do you only want to monetize the ads displayed on the website?
  • Do you only want to make money on ads that appear on YouTube?

If so, in most cases you just want to direct traffic to where you make money. Only on the other hand – think in long term. Will increasing traffic to social media in the final settlement give you more traffic to your website? As I said – you are reaching people who use only social media. Think about those friends who have friends who have friends (This is the crux of social media marketing).

Social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing strategy

It’s just the selection of social media and their assignment to 3 circles: active, passive, mixed. Linking social media to your website and linking social media to one another.

On this sentence I will end this guide. Of course only for a moment. If you have reached the end of this guide, then you have read over 2100 words. This also means that you have only really read a small part of the information I want to include in this guide.

What other topics will be added in the future to the Best Simple Guide to Social Media Marketing and Advertising?

  • Overview of various social networking sites.
  • Does having a website in a language other than English is a big obstacle in social media marketing?
  • Advertising on social media. Is it working? Costs.
  • And much, much more useful information. It’s all in the future.