Buying Facebook fans fanpage?

Buying Facebook fans fanpage

Buying Facebook fans fanpage? This is another opportunity to promote your Facebook fanpage. Of course, anyone who has a fanpage knows that gaining fans is a lot harder than soliciting other things on his fanpage. But he also won over the fans are much more valuable than a lot like entry, like the film, like photos or comments to those of your activity on Facebook fanpage. Why strive for fans on Facebook fanpage explained briefly in an earlier post. Returning to the main theme it must be emphasized that this is what I said (fans are more valuable) might sound harsh but I also think Facebook itself. Just that you try to set advertising bought on the same Facebook. Advertising posts, photos, videos are simply cheaper than advertising the fanpage. Why? Because advertising Fanpage is focused on gaining fans. And as I mentioned active fans do much more at a later stage than buying advertising for thousands of dollars on Facebook. Buy Facebook fans or not? On the question of whether to buy the fans there is no simple answer. I’ll present my thoughts on the subject: buying Facebook fans fanpage? You decide themselves.

We buy fans on Facebook Fanpage

First, let’s talk about the issue that we buy. As I mentioned a fake fan bought us nothing gives. Nevertheless, on the internet there is often such a question. Who often zalajkuje fanpage – is the one that sees that fanpage has 10,000 likes, or the one that sees it has 500 likes, fanpage? Of course, I would like to tell you that it does not matter because it counts the same quality Facebook fanpage. But it’s not like that. Rather it zalajkuje this fanpage where there is a lot more fans. Because 10,000 people can not be wrong.

We do not buy fans on Facebook Fanpage

We are staying with fanpage with a few – hundreds of likes,. Of course, the mere sight of so lean fanpage hurt us. The worst part is – like that think that simply by the fact that the development of our fanpage is so free. Few happens, few people write. It does not translate to our website (if we act more broadly) or simply can not stand out on the same Facebook. Because the less fans, the less pass on our entries. I have good news for you. However, it is not to buy fake Facebook fans as a little “cheating” that is, not all of our entries see every fan. A percentage is omitted in displaying on the homepage fan. Or simply they have more false likes, fan-less true fans see your entries. That’s why I wrote cheating in quotation marks. Because in this case, this works to our advantage when we compare fanpage full of false accounts to real fanpage.

Buying Facebook fans fanpage?

Personally, I urge you to not buy fans. You will see that we create a genuine fanpage is perhaps more difficult at the beginning but the expansion of Facebook fanpage will be much easier in the later period compared with fanpage full of fake accounts that will take you to the traffic on your Facebook fanpage.

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