Buying Facebook likes? SEO Scam?

Buying Facebook likes

Buying Facebook likes. This is another opportunity to try to force to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage. I emphasize, another possibility to create artificial traffic. Because, of course, the usual manipulation. But since I have already explained why it is not worth to buy Facebook fans, and why not worth buying advertising Facebook fanpage that I will refer to other possibilities which among other things, buying Facebook lajków. “Facebook Likes” for reminders is the reaction of users published content in Facebook. They can fall in love with the entry, picture or video. Let us add that Facebook expanded range of opportunities to express their few other emotions (delight, disgust, amusement, sadness).

Buying Facebook likes

So, basically for the same promote Facebook fanpage does not matter how many people something “likes” (yes us define the sum of the reaction). No matter directly. Let us note that promote Facebook fanpage is the amount of fans Facebook fanpage. Our aim if any, they simply promote fanpage so would have been on it as much as the fans. With this information to expand on the idea of a lack of direct relevance. Usually someone to like fanpage or not. Just. When will like Facebook fanpage – receives from its contents. And either the quality of content will keep the fan fanpage or not. Number of “likes” – ie the number of people who responded to the content affects the remoteness of the time the decision to revoke the decision of liking fanpage. So immediately the number of Facebook likes will not affect our promotion but indirectly so.

So again we must go back to my previous posts where I wrote that buying dead souls does not make sense. Now you have a full picture of the situation. Dead souls do not respond to entries. There is no reaction – is quicker decision to emigrate from the fanpage for real Facebook accounts. So our entire marketing deposited on the artificial pumping fanpage (including too much buying Facebook likes), turns out not to hit and money down the drain.

Are there ever any benefit from buying Facebook likes? I personally basically I can only see one case where this would not be a hoax gives tangible profit. But please stick to the chair, okay? Because that’s what I shall write is very controversial. Now, schools organize on Facebook contests such as this: each child will paint a picture, the image is inserted at the Facebook fanpage. He wins the child who receives the most Facebook likes. I see that same information on this to like the photo because the child must win haunting the whole family and all friends. Sometimes parents are flying to the neighbors, shopkeepers or someone there to invent liked the work of a child. And there is enough to go to the site where they sell Facebook likes and for some dollars to ensure the child win – because Facebook likes will be thousands ..

In summary emphasize strongly that buying Facebook likes for posts, videos and photos is nonsense, stupidity, losing money and fraud.

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