Cheap advertisement Facebook Fanpage

Cheap advertisement Facebook Fanpage

Cheap advertisement Facebook Fanpage. It is possible that any of you ever typed passwords such clusters in Google. Perhaps this was due to the desire to promote faster your fanpage on Facebook. You probably thought himself that offered on eBay or other website cheap access to fan sites where the total number of fans more than a million fans to advertise there is a good deal. Unfortunately I have bad news for you. You lost money and probably no one saw your ad. But I assure you, it was displayed. How is it possible?

What is a Facebook fanpage?

It is, in short, a site dedicated to something (newspaper, actor, politician, brand, movement social networking page, or even a group of people who do not watch television on Monday). A group of people who liked any fanpage on your homepage to show entries from the fanpage. So a person who liked the page fansite does not even need to go into it to see what was written new. It may be that the recipient responds to the entry shown – to recommend it to his friend, write under the entry something to raise further discussion which will increase the interest in this entry. Maybe entry to like it or not. Generally all leads to one thing: to increase the number of people who like the fanpage.

Cheap advertisement Facebook Fanpage

Quickly you will find on eBay or another site offering to buy / sell offer of “Advertising Facebook Fanpage Allegro 1000000 fans” or “Advertising Facebook Fanpage Allegro 2970000 fans.” This is a simple offer – for some dollars buy advertising your fanpage on different fanpages where the total number of fans is as much as in the title of the auction. At first glance, this seems to be a really good deal because for the money by paying directly to Facebook can reach up to 10,000 people. How could we not be tempted into such a jam?

Do you buy access to a million fans?

Yes of course. On eBay or on another website bought advertising service will be performed. Fansites so that see your ad, up to a million people there. I checked myself.

The effectiveness of Cheap advertisement Facebook Fanpage?

None. I know it sounded brutal. But it is true. Even one fan will not win. Money down the drain. Perhaps you think that what I say is illogical. Because just wrote that my advertising seen by a million people. It is simply not possible to even one person did not respond to this ad. She had to do something even though one person. Ordinary like to give or write a “falling” into a post. ANYTHING. Sorry, I still stand by what I said. Not one fan did not perform any action. Not one. The explanation is simple.

Fanpage full of fake accounts

Unfortunately it’s the truth. Immediately I say that I checked. Subject intrigued me enough that I found confirmation and on the other hand, that is, how fast to get fans fanpage. Why having such knowledge my fanpage has only a few fans? I write about that, too. Now I give good advice: Do not take any price fans. Just.

Facebook or ebay?

In the context of what I said, you have to admit that wins Facebook. Directly from Facebook you should buy advertising. It is true that it is much more expensive but you get access to complete statistics – who saw who responded, who instructed and lots more. Information that can not get by buying advertising outside of Facebook. Cheap advertisement Facebook Fanpage? There is no such thing.
Perhaps you are wondering why have not written anything about that bought advertising on Facebook is effective. Because it’s much more interesting matter and I will explain it in another article.


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