Delete old tweets. Simple and easy tweet cleaner/eraser.

Delete old tweets

Delete old tweets. Why do I deal with that subject? Because I needed to remove a lot of the tweet. You know, normally it takes much time (after a hundred erasing you want to kill someone). Why not do it AUTOMATICALLY? I searched the internet and found an interesting solution to this problem. I present to you:

Delete old tweets

Simple and easy tweet cleaner/eraser

A simple problem to solve with the easy-to-use tool. Just visit You allow synchronization with your account on Twitter. You choose the time range and approve. I myself I deleted 2000 tweet in one minute. What a time saver.

Question – why do we want to delete tweets? Why do you – I do not know. I am I deleted because:
– I dig up the old account to the tweeter.
– It turned out that he had about 2,000 tweets.
– The account was once used to promote one entry – sending out tweets every hour.
– Since it was not banned (spam) and was attached to a domain is to save time (to create a new account for the tweeter and hook to the domain) wystarczło only clear the message.

On another account, I erased the message that “I gave the referred to as” participating in a variety of bizarre promotions. You know – in my opinion, the account seems “less stupid” now.

As I think about it yet I would have found other reasons to delete tweets. Not to mention even deleting tweets ex-girlfriends or boyfriends or managers in your work … hahaha.

On the internet, you will find many such tools. I took this and I was glad. Therefore, I recommend.


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