Domain name is still important for SEO

Domain name

Domain name is still important for SEO. It is true. It should not be like this. Google has announced changes. The value of the article (keywords!) was to be crucial for article positioning. And often this happens but …

Keywords common

An example might be this: Best Books. It is so widespread that it is very difficult to promote an article / website with such a keyword. Websites whose domain name contains keywords have an advantage in the search engines; eg

Explanation: Websites with such a keyword are many. This is already a big competition. And yet there are websites (huge quantity) which articles contain these particular keyword. Just – huge competition. In this situation: domain name is still important for SEO!

Keywords specific (not common)

Here is an example: John Roben best books (I do not even know if there is one). In this case, the use of the keyword in the article ( John Roben best books) makes your article better searchable than “best books”. Remember – We compare the situation when someone types one or the other phrase into the search engine.

For this situation does not matter the domain name (because who creates the domain If even – this competition is much smaller. In this situation –  the advantage of keywords (in article) over the domain name contains keywords is apparent.

Domain name is still important for SEO

For SEO everything is important. Sometimes it is worth considering the name of your domain. You may find that it will help promote website (easier Off Page SEO). However, I think that for a longer time it is important to have a short, easy to remember domain name. It’s easier to remember a brand (returning users) rather than a long domain name. You can support SEO by creating specific links to articles. Example: www. (Domain name) .com / bestbooks / JohnRobenbooks (/JohnRoben).

The conclusions I presented you – come from my testing of different articles with different domains. I note that this is all based on a non-positioning domain sample. Without backlinks from good blogs or websites. Without traffic related to social networks. Without all these SEO “tricks” that greatly change the end result (visibility of your website on Google).