Fast comprehensive audit – evaluation of brand,website and activities in social media.

Fast comprehensive audit

Fast comprehensive audit – evaluation of brand,website and activities in social media.To write this article inspired me comment under one of my photo on the Instagram: “Great post! Would you check some of my stuff out and let me know what you think?”. Of course I guess that the author of the comment under my photo on the instagram wanted only from me that I saw his profile on the instagram.

Important information to understand my approach in the subject of website audit:

  • Website about me: The Rithven
  • Description: Who am I? A traveler of the world and the creator of websites about my passions. I live in two rich worlds – real and online.

I’m not a professional in the field of web site audits. At least I have not the courage to create such an image of my person. However, I have a basis for the valuation of the work put into the creation of the brand. Why? Because I’m trying to do something like this myself. Of course, my goals are different than the goals of most freelancers (or small businesses).

  • Most of the things related to websites and social media are done by myself. Photos, banners, sometimes music, videos, creating and managing social media accounts – I do it myself. 
  • SEO (On Page SEO and Off Page SEO) – I do it myself.
  • Servers, wordpress configuration, plugins, template selection, website design – I do it myself. And lots of other things – I do it myself.
  • On some websites I use (thank gods) content from Pixabay.

And although I can write like this – I do it myself – I still do not dare to describe myself as a “specialist”. I still learn many things – and since I have to do everything – sometimes in some areas I see my significant imperfections.

But as an “amateur” I can express myself. I can?

Fast comprehensive audit 

brand overview, seo website and related social media

Brand: Haileymedia
Website: Haileymedia
Social media (Listed on the website):

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Fast comprehensive audit – Quick website overview

First impression

  • Beautiful website in one page format.
  • Matched graphics, coherent colors – gives the impression of a young but professional company.
  • The background film that you see when you visit the website is perfectly matched to the slogan of this website: Your Story Matters.
  • Other Movies only reinforce the message – Your Story Matters
  • Text on the page that you read is: slogans and a brief explanation. We learn quickly – for whom is this company and what services they offer.
  • Website do not cause you feel tired – you just have the feeling that you’ve come to the website of a professional company.

Second impression

  • You can see right away that there is a lack of favicon on the website – that is a small thing but it slightly ruins the “professional image of the company”. You need to create a personalized favicon for your website.
  • Description of the website in the search engine well selected.
  • On Google search (due to the form of one page website), social media profiles have more power than the website itself.

Fast comprehensive audit – SEO overview (On Page SEO)

Tis is “one page website”.


  •  A professional business card that you can give to the customer during the meeting.


  • All the power of getting customers transferred to social media.
  • Makes it impossible to use On Page SEO (internal keyword enhancement between pages and posts, use of different keywords eg: Recommended digital marketing agency in Nashville)
  • Finding a new client straight from organic search – very difficult.

Fast comprehensive audit – Social media overview (Off Page SEO)

Here you can see a lot more possibilities. Very good foundation to start the process: Linking social media into a fist.

The basic advantage of already achieved: taking account names on many social media.

Twitter review:

  • Need to roll back family / private threads.
  • Setting up private accounts on social media is easy.

Facebook review:

An alarming number of likes when compared to the low number of activities (likes, comments).

There are three explanations:

  • Wrongly selected audience (Preferred audience for the site – this can be set on Fanpage)
  • No keywords in the title, description of the post (this makes searching easy – everywhere)
  • The third explanation I will leave for myself – it can be just hurtful. And I may be wrong

Other social media that are not mentioned on the website – this is a big mistake.

Instagram review:

The same problem as in the case of Twitter account.

Vimeo review:

Great profile but: it is necessary to separate the family / private threads.

YouTube and Google+ review:

I did not find a company profile. It’s a big loss: Google+ profile gets a lot to follow backlinks. In addition, the same posts have a lot of nofollow backlinks. This improves the position of a website in the search engines. Also, entering the “HaileyMedia” keyword will make it easier to find the right web page. Anyone who likes your Google+ profile will have Google’s suggestion of a more “good” result (ie, someone looking for HaileyMedia will find HaileyMedia).

Anyone who has their videos can earn a lot on YouTube. You can use YouTube to position your video (using relevant keywords). If you do it right: someone will find you on YouTube. Many links under the description of the movie will cause someone to visit your website or profile on Facebook
(I already wrote about directing traffic to a website or profile in social media).

On Google+ profile and YouTube easily you give links to your website and social media profiles.

Other social media review:

When checked SEO:

  • Pinterest Pin count 0
  • Linkedin share count 0
Really? Pinterest is the main recipient of your products – plenty of small business. You have great graphics. Do not wait – just act.
Linkedin – You have a company that looks really cool. You can create a really great profile on Linkedin. I will not mention the simple fact: get additional backlinks to your web site.

Fast comprehensive audit – General overview of SEO

  • On Page SEO – I already wrote that not much can be done – but you can add links to all profiles in social media.
  • Off Page SEO – Create missing profiles in social media. Linking each of these profiles.

Proposed action on social media:

  • Your bigger success that can be described more extensively – write to Facebook (and links to this Facebook post creating nice twits on Twitter using hashtags)
  • Your small work (graphics) – pinterest, instagram and twitter
  • Your videos – Vimeo and YouTube
  • Google+ – just create a professional profile (can be company or private profile).
  • Linkedin – just create a professional profile.

The proposal of acquiring backlinks:

And the most important thing. If you help create websites (or let’s call it – make improvements to someone’s website and related social media) – then you have to get dofollow backlinks on such websites.

You can exchange – you have Marriott work in your portfolio – you give them backlinks. They on their website have information that you worked for them – they give you backlinks.

Hint – anchor text. It may be for example: Recommended digital marketing agency in Nashville

End of Fast comprehensive audit?

Rather the end of a simple show how you can holistically look at a website, brand, and social media. I could still write some of my thoughts (oh ..more than a few) on what I could improve on this case.

But: I have – guess how many – a large number of websites (Only on a few websites I am “Rithven”). In addition, I check out a lot of ways to promote (and not only) websites available in 2017. I just do not have time.

Well, I’m still struggling with the problem of writing in several languages. Sometimes it turns out that I actually wrote something completely meaningless. For what I’m sorry.

Little gift from me: backlink nofollow on this website and backlink dofollow on another. Somewhere I read such a sentence:
“Live and grow in strength”




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