Free online backlink generators – list 2017

Free online backlink generators

Free online backlink generators. Getting backlinks is time consuming. It’s tiring. Why not make it easy? There are many sites offering the service on the Internet – adding backlinks to your website. With one click. These are often free offers.


Free online backlink generators

list 2017


These are just the first search results for a free online backlink generator. Such sites are dozens.

The process itself looks straight. You are entering the address of your domain. Sometimes you have to validate captcha. And you click ok. Some generators add some backlinks and some even offer 2000 backlinks to your web site.

In some time (because indexing by search engines takes a very long time) you should check backlinks to your web site to get results. Stunning results.

Do free online backlink generators work?

After examining the number of backlinks to your web site, it turns out that most often there are no results! Should you get upset? Should you feel cheated? No.

Of course – free online backlink generators did not work. And they promised golden mountains! But I already explained why you should not be upset.

Using free online backlink generators is a bad SEO technique

  • ineffective
  • You are wasting time – using backlink generators
  • you lose time waiting for the effect
  •  if you used only this SEO technique for a month – you have lost a whole month.
  • If you got a backlink anyway – it will be a very poor backlink from an untrusted domain. This is harmful to your web site. You will be looking for articles about removing bad backlinks. That is:
  • in the future you will lose time

Manually getting backlinks

This is something I recommend to you. You can use the list of sites where you can get free dofollow backlinks.

There are several benefits. The most important thing is:

  • You are sure that you got backlinks (before it was indexed) – because you see how you added it.
  • You can check the page you are adding backlinks
  • Pages often change their policies. With the current possibility of adding dofollow backlinks, over time it only becomes possible to add a nofollow backlink. And sometimes close any possibility.
  • You have the ability to remove the link – you have control over it – because you added it

Are there effective backlink generators?

I doubt it. With paid I did not use. But assuming that:

  • Something that works – you can sell.
  • To encourage – you give the free version
  • The free version works but it is truncated with features and capabilities. But it works – it can be checked.
  • Free backlink generators do not work. So I assume that the pay is not also.

Even if they did this once again read about the advantages of manually adding backlinks.

At the end. is not just a backlink generator. There are some simple SEO tools out there. Some are useful (especially at the very early stage of website positioning – as there are few things to study).

* My observations after such SEO positioning with backlink generators. I have used 10 domains (on them were simple websites created in wordpress).