Get Free Backlinks – Social Bookmarking 10 High 8 PR (list 2017)

Get Free Backlinks

Get Free Backlinks. This time I present you only 10 websites. On each of them you can try to get backlinks for your website. In most cases (I checked each of them) you get nofollow backlinks. I think the effort put in getting these backlinks is worth it. The explanation is below the list.


Get Free Backlinks

Social Bookmarking 10 High 8 PR (list 2017)


Short information about getting backlinks.

Building backlinks to your website is important for several reasons (But all of this can be called a superior title: building a strong SEO position for your site). Soon I will write a comprehensive article on this subject. For the time being, I write as in each article a summary of different information.

Why is it important to get backlinks:

  • Nofollow backlinks – give credibility to the overall picture of your web site. If you only had dofollow backlinks then it would be unbelievable. This is often overlooked element of the process of building links to websites.
  • Dofollow backlinks – These are usually required for search engines to recognize your website worth (to be included in the search results).
    The more backlinks you have (dofollow), the greater is the chance that your website will be ranked high (in search results).
    Search Results – Everyone wants to be the top 5 on Google for a particular keyword. This is influenced by many factors. One of them (important) is the backlinks (number, quality, type).

Get Free Backlinks – Remarks:

  • In many cases, the short article type “hi, I found something interesting (link)” will not be accepted. That’s why I wrote about effort and time. You may find that you will have to sacrifice some of the article. Change it, link naturally (with long keywords).
  • Personally, after testing a lot of different sites I chose a few places – where I stayed longer. Everyone has their preferences – so I’m not suggesting anyone. Look for yourself – good sites from where you will draw backlinks.
  • Often the registration process itself can be tiring. Personal data is required. There are hidden ways to add articles (of course backlinks), or you have to meet a few conditions to do so.
  • Free Submission – means that you do not pay for it to get backlink (by writing an article, for example).
  • You may find that on a given page after some time will turn off “dofollow”. Do not worry – nofollow backlinks have their value – thanks to them – your website looks natural.

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