How to make a website? Guide for beginner.

How to make a website? Many of you had such a moment in your life – I will make my website. About my passion (photography, music, books). About my political beliefs (eg Trump is great, Trump is not great). Or a website where you will be able to share your knowledge, experience. Or blog travel such as: “what you can visit in a country like Poland”. You can make a website about everything. Of course – this “everything” may be a big problem for you (violation of law, copyrights, etc.).

However, if you want to have your website and you do not know how to make your website, where to start – this guide is for you.

How to make a website rithven inspire

How to make a website? Guide for beginner.

At the beginning I must say that it is not as easy as it seems. However, I will try on this page to list all the elements of the process of creating and maintaining your website. Well – this guide is only on one page. Probably you will think that this is not possible. This is Possible – I will just briefly describe the steps by giving links to articles that describe the problem more broadly.

You can treat this guide as a list of tasks – uncheck what you did. If you have not done something – do it.

Creating website takes time

If you have never taken part in any project concerning the creation of website You must be ready to spend a lot of time before you make a website. Making website  seems so simple but it is not.

How to make a website – The basic steps of the guide

Your idea for a website

This is a very important stage. All in all – the most important. You have to think well about what will be your website . And you must know (answer the questions) – what is your purpose? Why do you want to create a website? Newspaper? Warehouse? Blog? What do you write? Is it interested people? You can spend days and weeks and did not answer the question.

Division – site content


  • portfolio (presentation of your person, work)
  • business card (company presentation, goals)
  • small blog about something (you treat it as a diary)
  • big, professional blog (you are dealing with a subject in which you are an expert – or so you think)
  • newspaper (huge project)
  • Fashion magazine, sports magazine, game magazine, etc.
  • etc

Division – marketing objectives

  • make money on the website (advertising, product sales etc)
  • do not make money on the website (you write from pure passion, nonprofit party site etc)

Many other questions should be asked at the very beginning. You must honestly answer them before you start creating a website.
Why is it so important? Hint – what connects all the things I mentioned?

The amount of time needed to create a website.

The time it takes to create a website is different. Faster you do small personal blog. Much more slowly you develop your web page of: shop, magazine, newspaper. In addition – I will explain more in a moment – much harder to change your website from blog to newspaper, from portfolio to professional big blog, etc. Of course – do not create newspapers right away if you only need a portfolio.

Remember – time is money. You’re wasting your time – you’re losing money. Remember. If you choose the wrong profile of your website – you will loose a few months changing the profile of a website.

Before you make a website check out if other people need it

You should also do this before you start creating a website. Because imagine that you have a passion that is not popular. Let’s say that only 10,000 people are interested in it. All over the world.

And you want to make extra money on your blog – how many people will visit your blog? How many people will see ads, buy something. And of course – you are not able to reach anyone (different languages). In addition, someone could make such a website, or several people. If you think you’re going to make a website – which every day 100 people visit – you’re wrong. Find a normal job (more you earn, a lot more).

On the other hand – if you do not care about money – make a website about anything. But ask yourself a question? Would you like to share your passion with just a few people? I think that social media is better suited to this.

Creating a website is a long process.

Because you create it all the time – even after years you add something, you will change something. That’s why ideas can be shared over many years, which raises the interest of many people. Ideas have the chance to maintain the strength they need in the long-term development of a website.

You may find that after a year you are in a blind street – you have nothing to write – you have no one to write. Being a blogger is not about writing 1,000 articles in one day and later to the end of life write nothing. Think about it.

Choosing a domain name

Lots of names is already occupied. These short and easy to remember are already occupied. You can buy – a huge expense.

You can buy a domain name with a new extension. Maybe you can find the short name still free to buy. You can buy a domain with global reach (eg. .com) or in individual cases, You can buy a domain with regional reach (eg. .us).

Where to park your domain

And what a package of services (server, database, etc.) to buy? Immediately I say that we should not buy where is the cheapest. It has to be cheap but good. It has to be cheap renewal services, etc.

Legality of content

Before starting to build a website you have to think about  the legality of content. This is something that for most people do not exist. It `s just the way it is. And this is a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. From the beginning, you should know that according zprawem you can post on your website. You should be interested in the types of license to use photos, music, movies and copy content from other sites.

Imagine that you have created a website, which quickly grew to include hundreds of entries, hundreds of photos, videos. Home runs for many months or years. You do not think about the legality of the contents – you took what you wanted. You tried to link their entries reklamowałeś on Facebook or innnym social network. You sacrificed a lot of time to your page noticed by people.

So now I will describe to you continued the story. They saw you lawyers injured people – because wykorzytałeś their photos, music, videos to promote your website. Without consent. Maybe if it was a non-profit portal runs smoothly. But I think at some stage zamieściłeś advertising. Just one, and this is already a commercial use. Frequently Bedz you harass lawyers from your country. But large global corporations or to appeal to you. You can become bankrupt.

Another issue is the criminal liability. Who knows if you will not go to jail. If you speak about a particular person (badly) it can sue you. The big money. You could write and write because it is a broad topic. Overall – you need to have access to legal content before you do something.

Creating a brand

Before starting to build a website you have to think about creating a brand. Registering a domain with your desired name is important. But if only one domain? COM or ORG or EU or TV or other extension. For the future. You may find that you develop a website and someone bought an extension of your name (I noticed that you grow). Redemption name is much, much more expensive than the annual fee for maintaining the domain bought at the beginning.

Creating a brand is also the registration of trademarks, logos and names. If you want the newspaper to check if anyone does not have the newspaper in the form of pamierowej. Why pay for someone else’s brand development. A redemption of his newspaper (the rights to the form of a paper newspaper in the area – spectacularly expensive).

And again. Such examples are many. Think before you start.

Selection of CMS

Content Management System. This will be the engine on which your website will be created. There are many CMS. What I’m talking – a lot of CMS. Popular is WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Each has advantages and disadvantages. But everyone CMS needs to fit your needs. So again: creating website takes time!

Select a template

You can make yourself template for CMS (eg. WordPress)? If so, you spend even more time before anyone sees your website. You will use a free template – limitations. You buy? But which one. Again, the advantages and disadvantages. Read and check the demo, etc. Time, time, time …

Arrangement of content on the website.

Menu, Home, categories, photos, videos. Perhaps the ad? Where, what, how?

Write an article

It depends on what you are writing but generally it takes time. Keywords? What is this?

Photos, music and videos

Made or bought or free license? Ever you read license to use? Do you know how long it takes choice of photos to the article, adjust the size and improving (for blogs graphic, travel, cooking, etc.) to make it look beautiful? Time, time, time ..

Extending the template

After some time you notice that something is missing. Better statistics, add or improve existing gallery, add plug-ins that helps easily add videos, view videos in various places, advertising, information for users, forum or another plug for discussion, hook facebook or other social networking site. I can give examples endlessly. What kind of plugins for WordPress choose? Time, time, time …

How to make a website – The intermediate stages of the guide


It is talk about the river. You can speak, read, and write and still is so hard to achieve a good level of SEO. It takes time, a lot of time to do it right. And patience because the results sometimes come very late.

Social Media

How to promote your website on social media? How to create a cool fanpage? How to create a cool profile? What social media to choose?