Image editing sites like Canva in 2017. List of good and free graphics editing sites.

Image Editing Sites Like Canva

Image editing sites like Canva. Everyone wants to at least change their graphic design on their website. Everyone wants to at least change their graphic design on their website. And anyone who wants to send a cool tweet or post on Facebook or add interesting graphics to Instagram is looking for a way to edit graphics.

Editing an image on a computer or editing an image online?

The question is: Do we need graphics editing software?
AnswerWe do not need such programs but (there is always some but) I personally recommend two: GIMP and Google Nik Collection.

  • The first one is usually used for quick editing of graphics (resizing) or for creating a textual logo (you use the downloaded fonts).
  • Google Nik Collection is a set of tools. Wonderful, powerful, professional yet easy to use. Just use templates and the effects will be stunning.

Nowadays it is easy to become a “good” graphic designer (ads, posters, graphics for social media). A few years ago, only graphic editing programs such as Adobe Fotoshop were used. The manual we learned to handle these programs was as large as the NASA manual.

Why do we need to edit images?

Good images have far more information power than an article. This increases the chance that someone will see you. This is especially important if you want to be noticed in social media. This increases the chances that someone will want to read your article. Adding images with the right attributes increases the SEO power of your website. In conclusion – it does not matter whether you want or not – cool images you must have.

Image editing sites like Canva in 2017

There are some great websites where we can (for example):

  • Create graphics for social media
  • Create ads
  • Create posters

Editing graphics on such websites is easy. It usually looks like this:

  • Register
  • Choose a template
  • Change the background
  • Change the text
  • Save

Time needed to edit the image: about 5 minutes.

Let’s say that this example is the minimum needed to get a good picture. Differences between web pages offering graphics editing appear when you want to get dazzling graphics.

Image editing sites like Canva – Paid or Free?

I will start with the fact that all sites that offer high quality image editing are paid.

  • In this article you will not find sites that offer only paid plans. After all, I do not buy anything without the ability to try it.
  • In this article, you will not find sites that offer the option of free use for several days. A watermark is added to such projects. I do not have time to check something and I can not use it at the end.
  • In this article you will find only free image editing sites like Canva. This means you can make lots of graphics for free. And if you want even more, you can just buy access to the “pro” function. No watermarks are added to free projects. It is important. You can use such created graphics without further processing.
  • Before I start describing different image editing sites like canva I will say only one thing: there are no affiliate links in this article.

Befunky is a good image editing website


  • It has some great templates on social media headers.
  • It has some nice templates for making beautiful graphics for your blog.

In Befunky you will find a great photo editing module – add frames, make a black and white photo, vintage photo and many of other options. It’s easy – you choose ready-made templates for the photo and Befunky will do the rest. Of course, you can also try to edit the picture yourself.


  • Free templates are very few.
  • The list of available fonts is not interesting.
  • Too many ads in the window where the images are created.
  • If you modify the template it turns out that it is not easy to get a good result.

Rating: 3/5

Befunky is a good place to create some nice graphics. I am personally not satisfied with the results of my work at Befunky. However, I see great opportunities on this website so I will still be trying to create something there.

For me, Canva is much friendlier in image editing. You can quickly save projects and quickly find them. In Canvas, working with the font is much more comfortable. It’s a bit lacking to be able to say that Befunky is like Canva.

Fotor as an image editing site is almost as good as Canva

Fotor is another website that allows you to edit images. For me it is more interesting than Befunky. Why?


  • There are many more free templates than Befunky.
  • Nice templates for different projects.
  • I really liked collages of pictures. These free ones for use are few and are really interesting.
  • Easier to save your projects than to save in Befunky (Fotor saves them automatically, just like in Canvas).


  • The ads are annoying just like they are annoying at Befunky.
  • Templates are not as much as in Canvas.
  • Working with Fotor is a little more difficult than working in Canvas.

Rating: 4/5

From my short adventure with Fotor, I got a pretty good post for Instagram. This means that Fotor is for me a website where I will be editing pictures in the future. I want to use more of these photo collages. They are really cool.

I can say that Fotor is a good place where you can edit an image. If you are looking for image editing sites like Canva, then Fotor is a good alternative.

Pablo is an interesting vision of what image editing sites can be

Pablo is offered by Buffer. It’s free. And Pablo is wonderful.


  • Easy to use.
  • You can quickly edit graphics.
  • Pablo offers a rich base of quotations of famous people.
  • Creating a good image for social media is a simple matter.


  • Little number of templates.
  • You can not create elaborate designs (collages of images, lines, arrows, and dozens of other elements – these things you will not find in Pablo).

Rating: 2/5

When I compare Pablo with Canva

Rating: 5/5

Pablo impressed me with his brilliant idea – make one graphic for all social media at one time.


Pablo offers one thing for which I loved him. At the same time you create a graphic for the four social media.

On other sites you have to basically start from the beginning. You are making graphics for Instagram. You are saving the image. You choose a template for Twitter. You work hard again, setting different elements. You are saving the image. And so on.

In Pablo you just do it this way: you choose a template. You create graphics. You save your image. You click the icon of the given social medium. Pablo transforms your project into a new one in a second. You correct or not elements. You save the graphic.

Creating a consistent line of images for social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) took me a minute.

Pablo is not image editing website like Canva. Pablo is just Pablo.

What I created on these image editing website like Canva

I am not a graphic designer but it turns out that I can create a good graphic that I can use. Of course, a professional would do it a lot better.


Befunky is Image Editing Sites Like Canva


Image Editing Sites Like Canva Pablo


Image Editing Sites Like Canva Fotor


Image Editing Sites Like Canva be brave rithven

Image Editing Sites Like Canva small steps rithven

Image Editing Sites Like Canva you can rithven


The important thing is that if I:

  • I would have a good library of free and great fonts
  • I would have a good library of great pictures
  • I would have bought a paid plan in Canva or another image editing sites like Canva

I would make a blast graphic for social media without problems.

It’s a bit like cooking. From the bad ingredients you will not make a good dish. Example: spaghetti made from ordinary tomato and spaghetti made from Italian tomatoes. This can not be compared.

But before you start thinking about buying a paid plan in Canva or other image editing website like Canva first use these free graphics editing websites.

This article has no affiliate links.