Is my website penalized by google?

Is my website penalized by google

Is my website penalized by Google or banned in Bing search engines? This is a question that once I was looking for answers. You ask that question in two common situations:

  • Your positioned keywords no avail and position on Google or Bing Your Website is low (in the rankings). I will discuss this issue in the future.
  • Your web site is not indexed. Or rather – very little of your pages or posts are indexed.

Is my website penalized by Google?

The first reason is simple: time. Keep in mind that Google can crawl very slowly. Do not you just have to be patient a little bit or accelerate the process (eg. Make website visible to search engines).

The second answer is a little more complicated: it is possible that you purchased a domain that has been banned by Google (someone before you used the domain to spam). To search in this case, that is, learn Is my website penalized or banned by Google in Bing search engines I recommend simple visit this website . There an easy way you will get the answer. The harder way is to simply check directly in Google Webmaster Tools.

Almost certainly, it turns out that in this respect, you have no problem. Just Google sometimes operates slowly. I have two websites. One .com other national. .com Is much more developed and has a lot more backlinks. Effect? Google sees better and index the national domain. I did everything. Literally. Of course, I expect that at the end of the .com domain will be several times “stronger” than the national. Only Google needs to “unlock” in the indexing.

At the end I will say only that it may be that your problem is duplicated content. If so, this is very bad news. Start writing your original articles. After some time, the website should be better indexed and your keywords should bear fruit. But it’s a long process. So I encourage you to from the beginning to take care of the content of the website. You will not need then to look for answers to the question “Is my website penalized by Google or banned in Bing search engines?”

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