License free music for commercial use – truly free CC0 music

License free music for commercial use

License free music for commercial use. Free photos with CC0 license are much easier to find than free music (Stock photos free for commercial use). We are talking about “truly free” music. Recently the search engines have been mastered by the slogan “royality free music”. This is obviously paid music. You pay once, but it’s always paid music. “Royality free” – I find it a shame that the term “free” is misleading. A marketing cocktail was made. This makes it difficult to search truly free music.

License free music for commercial use

Of course, the “free” concept can mean “free if you meet the license conditions”. In many cases, it’s simply – giving an attribute when creating a project – indicating the origin of the music used. Indication of the author or website from where the music was downloaded.

Truly free CC0 music

As I have already written – any licenses that are not CC0 – are at some stage impeded. If you just used one picture or one music track – adding an author or meeting other licensing requirements – it’s easy.
Imagine that you are using hundreds of photos. They come from different places. For many photos there is a different license. How difficult is it to meet the license terms? Very hard.
Sometimes you just forget – and that can be dangerous. Consent (legal financial) can be serious.

CC0 license – you use for commercial purposes without any conditions !! So just – you save a lot of time.
Coming back to music. Unfortunately – but really hard to find something with a CC0 license. One of the websites where you can find something is:

In sum, I come to the conclusion – the easiest way to get music into a project – is to make music yourself. A program like MAGIX Music Maker (to get for free: Free MAGIX Music Maker 2015).

However, this involves another problem. As it turns out to be much more serious – the copyright of the created music – just like a program like MAGIX Music Maker. But I will write about it later (Music created from free loops and copyrights).