Make website visible to search engines

Make website visible

Make website visible to search engines. This is an important issue. A more important question is: can more quickly be visible? Can be. At the outset, I write why I deal with this issue. I had an old domain name and the old site. A few entries. I decided to reactivate the website. I wrote 10 entries, and what? And nothing. Google does not see anything. Of course, I walked into the Google search engine and added sitemap. And still nothing. It turns out that Google can index the page even after a few months. Therefore, DO NOT WAIT!

A tool or a way to speed up the process is pingomatic. Operation is simple. And more importantly, the results are almost immediate.

Make website visible

Make website visible

As a reminder, Google crawls the website easier through other websites (backlinks). We are talking about the websites a good position in Google. And that’s how it works pingomatic. Notify the parties about your blog. Google through these pages get to your. And you’re visible to Google.

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