Music created from free loops and copyrights

Music created from free loops and copyrights

Music created from free loops and copyrights. A trap for creating music in programs. A short reminder. There are many music creation programs on the market. A good example may be MAGIX Music Maker.

Music created from free loops and copyrights

music creation programs

These programs contain hundreds or thousands of loops. You bought the program or received it for free – you have access to the basic loop. You can buy an extra pack of loops from the program’s producer (In my opinion – on selling additional loops the producers of these programs earn the most). You can buy a loop somewhere else (lots of websites selling music and loops).

In these programs, you create music by setting the loop in the correct order. Good programs have multiple paths (at the same time play multiple loops). Good programs have a lot of options for loop modification (loop segment mute, music tempo, etc). This stage is followed by most users.
Create your own loops – from the tools available. Mixing with recorded music (you play the guitar for example) – it’s a higher level.
Okay. After this, we return to the topic:

Music created from free loops and copyrights

Imagine that you created rock music. You have used 8 tracks. You only used loops attached to the program. One only supports one loop. One loop gives you a backing track. It goes through the whole song. You do not modify this loop. The rest of the tracks – lots of loops, your modifications, etc.

And now imagine that someone has created music such as techno. In the same program. Also used – only included loop into the program. Music is completely different except one thing: this one loop of your musical background.

In a techno song created by someone – this one loop plays throughout the song. It was not modified either.

Effect: Claim to copyright. Silly? Of course. I think you will win in court. But there is another place where you do not play in court. YouTube.

Music created from free loops and copyrights


What am I talking about? What is he talking about? YouTube? Of course. All you have to do is upload your track (used in your video) and after some time you will have a claim. Claims raised by hyenas. Excuse me. Claims raised by hunters. This is a good way – do nothing and make a profit.
How it’s working? The claim is imposed on a piece of work in which – it turns out – you used the same loop (long enough to seem similar).
It may be that the claim relates to a piece of work – from 30 seconds to 120 seconds of song duration.
What does this mean in practice? If you do not  start “explaining” or “quarreling” – the money from these pieces of the music (displaying ads) will flow to the hunters (as for me the thieves).

Music created from free loops and copyrights

What can you do about it?

With the finished (created) song is not much to do. It is best (at the beginning) to use short loops only. Or mix. We are talking about a longer musical background of the song. The chance that someone invented the same loop sequence is small.
And use as many audio tracks as possible.

If someone copies a piece of music or use its substantial part to create a new piece of music – we’re talking about real plagiarism – I’m all for it – to submit a claim to copyright.

At the end. My idea for you: Buy a music creation program. As soon as you are on the market. Create 1000 songs – use only one loop each but for 3-5 minutes. Put on YouTube. Search for songs and make claims. Make money on someone’s ads. That’s my joke about the subject.