Do you need to advertise on Facebook?

Need advertise Facebook

Need advertise Facebook? Really? Even with a year or two, I would definitely answered that, of course, yes. You will find themselves many articles in English (in any language anyway) laudatory this form of promoting your website. And basically promoting their fanpage so as to promote your website.

As advertising on Facebook will help me promote the website?

Scheme is simple. After assuming the fanpage website you post (preferably in an automated manner) on the fanpage with reference to your website. Facebook user can, of course, stop at the post on Fb but also may wish to learn more (the rest of the article, other resources on the website) and there’s just go. In this way, we will generate additional traffic to our website.

Of course, ways to increase the sources of access to our website is much more. However, I will not describe now. Now we have to deal with the question:

Do you need to advertise on Facebook?.

Before answering this question you advertise on Facebook to remind the basics associated with using the service advertisements on Facebook.

Basically there are two types of advertising on Fb:

Advertising Facebook Fanpage: You advertise the same page Facebook fanpage. So artwork with the background of your fanpage and short text. You can easily modify or refine the look of advertising but basically better to take care of some details (about it in another post).

Advertising article Facebook Fanpage: Advertise you selected a specific article. Here, too, I have a few tips that I will take care of the detailed discussion of advertising on Facebook.

Which ad Facebook choose?

There’s no simple answer. Generally, advertising the Facebook fanpage gives you a better chance of liking the Facebook fanpage and advertising article will increase the number of inputs on the same website.

Need advertise Facebook. Do we?

Here, I’ll skip one paragraph (ie the target group advertising) and given my experience I will say that if you already necessarily want to turn in its global policy of website positioning and the social networking site Facebook which is the answer to this question is “yes”,we need advertise Facebook,we need advertising article Facebook Fanpage and we must advertising Facebook FanpageAnd why we need to buy advertising directly from Facebook? Because, of course, to exist on Facebook do not need to use the advertising services provided by the same Facebook! You can buy a variety of auction sites (or service freelancer) Facebook advertising. But this call is “darker” (with many, many reasons) fragment issue ads on Facebook elaborate in another article.

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