Perfect profile on Instagram. Is there something like that?

Perfect profile on Instagram

Perfect profile on Instagram. Is there something like that? I do not know. I can only say what the company profile on Instagram should be. Of course this is my subjective assessment but backed by experience.

Perfect profile on Instagram

Before I start writing – I warn – my Rithven Inspire website and related social media profiles are not a good example of “good work”. What is “good work”? I am talking about consistency in creating and promoting a brand. This site is one big experimental field. This is a warfield. War for being seen on the internet. I use the experience gained here in other places. Going back to the main topic: “Perfect profile on Instagram”…

Why are some profiles on Instagram so popular?

To really judge why a particular profile on the Instagram is popular, you need to consider a few things:

Things do not depend on you (I say in the context of the opportunities available at the moment)

  • Number of friends in real life. The more friends, the easier it is to promote social media profiles. It’s a natural environment. You are finding yourself. You’re easy writing. You write a lot. You talk a lot. Your friends have friends. They can naturally encourage them to follow your profile on Instagram.
  • Your fame (musician, star, politician, artist, journalist etc). People want to see what you eat, what you eat and what you do not eat … such crap.

Things dependent on you

  • Hard work

And that’s it. Because it is the most important. But do not worry – I’ll explain more about what I mean.

Being one of the million to become one of a thousand

What to keep in mind when creating a profile? Creating a brand (personal, business) is a long process. People slowly memorize new profiles. Therefore, it is worth to start from:

  • Short, not negative, name
  • On Instagram you do not have much room to write about yourself – write short, funny or serious. Be creative. Do not make a dumpster. Give a brief and understandable message.
  • Due to the fact that the Isntagram profile is minimal, your image (how people see you) is created through pictures. Let it all be consistent. You write about food do not give pictures from the plane crash. If you want to insert different photos – make a different profile – personal.

What do I dislike about Instagram profiles?

Company profile: 20 nice (marketing!) Photos + 3 photos of half-naked children of company employees. I know it’s cool to show that a company is a family business. But I would rather have a picture of a baby sitting on his father’s lap in his office at work. And signature – I show the child where I work. An image of slack in the company – it is. Picture of a friendly company – it is. Do you understand what I mean?

Personal profile (but related to personal website): 10 nice pictures of something with nice signatures. And some pictures completely unrelated, not prepared, distorting the profile look. I think – “and it could be so beautiful”.

I saw a nice profile – naked women in the forest. 50 photos. 50 nude women in the forest. Same beautiful pictures taken by a professional. No vulgarity. Pure beauty in every respect. It could be done? Can be…


Your Image on the Internet – be consistent

Important questions about Instagram

I will answer these questions soon in my next articles. What will I write on the Rithven Inspire website?