RevenueHits AdSense Alternatives – Review Ad Network

RevenueHits AdSense Alternatives – Review Ad Network. One of the ways of earning money on your blog is to make money on advertising. RevenueHits is a marketing network that allows you to put ads on your blog. There are different ways to make money on advertising. I am looking for a marketing network similar to great AdSense.

Why are we looking for an alternative to AdSense?

With many arrays, I learned that there are people who are having trouble signing up for AdSense. I did not have the slightest problems (my story is described in an article about AdSense). In addition, it is possible that you will be banned. I do not know what to do to be banned in AdSense. I suspect that someone was clicking hard on their ads. Simple solution – watch your page with AdBlock (in another browser).

Why am I looking for an alternative to AdSense?

Simply – AdSense allows only 3 ads on one page (article). That means – you have a lot of unused advertising space.

That’s why I’m looking for an alternative marketing network for AdSense. On various websites I test different marketing networks. Today I will describe my impressions of RevenueHits. I point out that I simply express my opinion.

RevenueHits AdSense Alternatives – Review Ad Network

The first impression is very positive. Simple registration. Simple and easy to read admin panel. It’s easy to create ad units. Place ads on your site just like AdSense – paste the script code.
Ad units are different (also for mobile devices):

Tip: PopUnder advertising is very effective. On my site – I put the script in the sidebar. It worked. The “728×90 Footer” ad was also running from the sidebar.

Payment method: They have Paypal, Payoneer or Wire transfers and the payment threshold can be as low as $20 if you’re using Paypal or Payoneer.

Tip: We Pay in net 30 terms, therefore your next payment is the previous month balance amount. (payments RevenueHits)

RevenueHits AdSense Alternatives – Is it effective?

RevenueHits is very effective. You can add as many ads that visitors to your website will be “discouraged by aggressive marketing.” And will never look back on your website again. I explain:

AdSense ads are contextual. This means that immediately after placement they adapt (it really works) to the content of the article.
In addition, there are only two states in AdSense:

  • The ad is displayed
  • The ad is not displayed

RevenueHits ads are ugly. By adding all possible types of ad units on my page, I made a regular porn site. I speak of course not about the content of the ads but about the mechanism of action.

Opening new tabs in the browser, a lot of pop-up banners. The whole website is littered with ads – which look like websites created just for making money on ads (often fraudsters websites).

I do not know at what time (and whether at all) ads adapts to the content of the website. I did not want to wait long – I had the impression that I destroyed all my work. It’s possible that RevenueHits only works with advertisers from several countries. It may be that my country only shows a poor advertising (provided by RevenueHits).

Is it worth using the RevenueHits marketing network?

  • When you create a website (blog) with the intention to share your passion, experience, knowledge in some area – do not use RevenueHits.
  • When you create a website where making money on ads is just an add-on – do not use RevenueHits.
  • When you create a website with the intention of only making money on ads – use RevenueHits. From one entrance to the site you can get some – several dozen ads impressions! (Viral Earnings Websites – The balance between payment for page traffic and advertising earnings)