Search Engine Optimization. Definition, Techniques.

Search Engine Optimization. Everyone heard about SEO. Anyone who deals with creating web pages. Amateurs and professionals. Even an amateur who uses WordPress by installing plugins encounters such plugins that have the word “SEO” in their name. We often encounter comments: “Without good SEO nobody will notice you”? But what is this SEO?

Search Engine Optimization. Definition, Techniques.Rithven Inspire

Definition of SEO

Search Engine Optimization Definition of SEO

Search Engine Optimization: processes aimed at achieving a web site’s highest position in the results of organic search engines for selected words and key phrases.

Did you understand? If so – that’s very good. If not, do not worry. I will explain by example.

  • Imagine that there are 100,000 websites with information about mushrooms in the world.
  • Now imagine that you are creating a website about eg mushroom types. In short – you have 100,000 opponents in the fight for someone looking for information about mushrooms just hit your site.
  • Now imagine that you just write your blog about mushrooms and you are not wondering about Search Engine Optimization techniques. You just write your blog.

What is the chance that someone using the search engine will find your website? Any article about any mushroom? 1: 100,000? Minimum. Probably a lot, much less.

It’s just that these magic SEOs serve to boost your chances. The chance of your website being higher than the other 100,000 (from this example of mushrooms).

Then anyone looking for mushroom information will see your website first. Then, in fact, anyone looking for information about mushrooms will come to your website. Not on the competition website!

Why should I have a good SEO of my website?

Companies, brands:

  • Recognition of the company and brand. This is the same goal as advertising on radio and television.
  • If this is just a “business card” website – does a professional company have a non-professional website? No.

The rest of the website owners:

  • better SEO – more visually impaired – more earnings on advertising
  • Better SEO – More Visually Visually – More Earnings On Promoted Products
  • better SEO – more visually – more people appreciating your work
    (They can hire you – photographer)
  • better SEO – more visually – more people will see your little business. Maybe there will be more hotel guests, maybe more orders to renovate the apartment, etc.

There are plenty of other examples on what good Search Engine Optimization gives.

The conclusion is one: without SEO there is no you, not your job. No one will find you on the internet. End.

TIP: It is said that you can promote your website without SEO – using only social media. I explain – this is an SEO technique. Basically Off Page SEO. So any action to improve traffic on your website is SEO. Think only in this way.

SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

There are several divisions. Have you heard of “black hat SEO”, “gray hat SEO”, “white hat SEO”? This is a division due to the allowed or not allowed technique. In other words: zero, average and high chance of being penalized by Google.

So whether your website will be removed from the search engine for trying to get a high rank in the search engine.

I’m not interested in “black” or “gray” SEO techniques. I am only interested in what is “white” Search Engine Optimization and at the same time is effective.

Therefore, for me, the division of the category is only one. In fact, very popular.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

On Page SEO

On Page Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO = All that you do on your website.

We are talking about such a website preparation and its subsequent conduct so search engines will not have trouble indexing it. Here are all things related to: graphic optimizations, internal links, readable menus, good content, keywords and more.

Off Page SEO

Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Off Page SEO = Everything you do outside your website.

So you mainly focus on promoting your website. Social media, advertising, good dofollow backlink, etc.