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Before starting to build a website

Before starting to build a website

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II will share observations with you related to my work in creating a newspaper (online magazine). I think these are the basic things which no one remembers and does not think at the beginning of their projects. This article is ultimately przenzaczony for people that most if not all of the web they do ourselves.

Legality of content

Before starting to build a website you have to think about  the legality of content. This is something that for most people do not exist. It `s just the way it is. And this is a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. From the beginning, you should know that according zprawem you can post on your website. You should be interested in the types of license to use photos, music, movies and copy content from other sites.

Imagine that you have created a website, which quickly grew to include hundreds of entries, hundreds of photos, videos. Home runs for many months or years. You do not think about the legality of the contents – you took what you wanted. You tried to link their entries reklamowałeś on Facebook or innnym social network. You sacrificed a lot of time to your page noticed by people.

So now I will describe to you continued the story. They saw you lawyers injured people – because wykorzytałeś their photos, music, videos to promote your website. Without consent. Maybe if it was a non-profit portal runs smoothly. But I think at some stage zamieściłeś advertising. Just one, and this is already a commercial use. Frequently Bedz you harass lawyers from your country. But large global corporations or to appeal to you. You can become bankrupt.

Another issue is the criminal liability. Who knows if you will not go to jail. If you speak about a particular person (badly) it can sue you. The big money. You could write and write because it is a broad topic. Overall – you need to have access to legal content before you do something.

Creating a brand

Before starting to build a website you have to think about creating a brand. Registering a domain with your desired name is important. But if only one domain? COM or ORG or EU or TV or other extension. For the future. You may find that you develop a website and someone bought an extension of your name (I noticed that you grow). Redemption name is much, much more expensive than the annual fee for maintaining the domain bought at the beginning.

Creating a brand is also the registration of trademarks, logos and names. If you want the newspaper to check if anyone does not have the newspaper in the form of pamierowej. Why pay for someone else’s brand development. A redemption of his newspaper (the rights to the form of a paper newspaper in the area – spectacularly expensive).

And again. Such examples are many. Think before you start.

Before starting to build a website

Now only I mentioned a few problems at the beginning. In the next article I will describe in more detail the steps of creating a website and basically collecting tools to build long-term brand without restrictions on the way.

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