Stock photos free for commercial use – Pixabay

Stock photos free for commercial use

Stock photos free for commercial use. Pixabay is my favorite site where I am looking for free pictures to my web pages. Everything you find here is licensed under CC0 which means it is completely free and can be used for commercial projects (you can make a website where you put such pictures). You do not have to give even a signature to your photos who is the author Perhaps it is unfair to authors, but for me it simply is convenient.
I once had a Website where (due to the small amount of time before) had to sign (give attributes) 300 pictures. At the end I wanted to scream. But this is necessary. Even photos from Wiki MUST be signed. License is a license. And you’d better be in compliance with the law (if you are not it can be costly).
Back to the topic.

Stock photos free for commercial use – Pixabay

In addition to thousands of various thematic gallery you will find lots of other materials – such as movies. Everything was there watching me, or more professional. Of course, the good image the photographer recognize right away. There is also a lot of pictures I have a feeling coming from the amateurs but restrictive conditions for adding photos cause that even they have a high level (no inclinations, no unsaturations, etc.)

Summarizing. Pixabay accompanied me for years. And if he were rich I would buy it to anyone who adds there pictures – a gift. As for me, they are people worthy of the highest respect and gratitude. I encourage you to before you type in google: “stock photos free for commercial use” enter the Pixabay. Almost certainly you will find something that you can match to your web site (but also social networks). Photo to this post and video are from Pixabay !!

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