Templates website competition – simple tool to check?

Templates website competition

Templates website competition – a simple tool for checking Web sites that run on wordpress. Probably not once been to a blog and you dazzled his appearance. But it is not everything. You underestimated the solutions that were used there. Invitation to Facebook fanpage which appeared after a few seconds. Emerging from the sides of the blog invitation to other articles. After moving to the photo icons appear social plugins. Summarizing. You have been to such a blog that just cause you jealous. You may have noticed that I use on your website keywords such as jealousy, profit or simply say that you have to watch the competition. The word competition is so ugly but really there is nothing to deceive. You came to my side to know the information to help you make money. And so to emphasize what is important in terms of profits need to use such statements as jealousy. These very useful tool you can find at this link: whatwpthemeisthat.com.

Templates website competition

After entering page examination templates websites competition will see a simple home page.

Detected wordpress plugins


Just paste the link to the home page in the appropriate field and you have some very valuable information about the competition.

Detected wordpress template used by the competition

Detected wordpress template


In this section, you’ll see basic information about using wordpress template. What is wonderful in this tool which checks the competitors’ websites is that they are given links to the creator of the template. It often turns out that using wordpress template is paid. Often it turns out that using wordpress template is free but very heavily modified. I do not know about you but I realize the fact that we no longer have the skills to fully modify templates wordpress. Why do I say now? Because once I created templates. However, now that the market has developed templates and even free are connected complicated options that simply do not have time to spend months to refresh knowledge about building templates. Anyway, again I repeat – time is money. Returning to this article. It often turns out that the template used by the competitors is simply free. With subtle alterations but related to the setting of the respective plug-ins. And here comes the second part is:

Detected wordpress plugins used by the competition


Templates website competition

In my judgment this is the better part of this wonderful free tool for checking the templates used by the competition. Usually there are several plugins detected. The tool does not detect the built-in template code structure possibilities. Detects for plug used on the page that uses the template wordpress. I do not know about you but I personally have rarely seen a good page demo shown acting plug for wordpress. Moreover, thanks to the tool, to check website templates competition, we see how they work on time, a number of plug-ins. Is the party does not suffer a loss of speed. Is the plug properly operate. And be on the basis set of plugins used by the competition, we see the correct niekolidujący together a set of plugins for wordpress.

Templates website competition checking tool – necessary?

Tool for checking web pages of competition is needed to save time in finding a properly working interesting plugins for wordpress. It is also necessary to find interesting template for your blog. No matter whether new or old blog. Consider the option to change the template because every day the market is available a better, more efficient, with a greater number of options. And often the template is free.

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