WordPress Theme GPLv3 license. Commercial use?

WordPress Theme GPLv3 license. I was wondering if I can or can not I use WordPress templates to make money (we’re talking, of course, offered WordPress templates for free. Often the information is confusing, and personally I do not know – I can or can not.). Mainly these are advertising (stupidly make a page and do not hook up ads) but also other forms of making money. What am not offended. Any hand where I’m going in search of information (knowledge) have one or another form of making money.

By the way – on my web pages it is not possible to sign up. I do not want your email to bombard you a million ads on skrzunce mail. There is no pop-up ads, incentives, and other nonsense. In total, then I think that the least invasive form of making money is deployed on my web pages. Why I made the decision to describe another time.

Returning to the main topic of the article or “WordPress Theme GPLv3 license – if I can use commercially?”.
I will give a clear answer as to GPL 3. Yes. However, as I repeat to everyone – I do not take responsibility for the legal consequences. Go to a lawyer. However, with hundreds of arykułów I read not to mention the same content license shows that “yes.”

WordPress Theme GPLv3 license

(Short summary)

You Can
Commercial Use
Place Warranty
Use Patent Claims

You  Cannot
Hold Liable

You Must
Include Original
State Changes
Disclose Source
Include License
Include Copyright
Include Install Instructions

If you want to read the GPLGNU General Public License and A Quick Guide to GPLv3. Assuming that I am not mistaken (wow) everything can be found on wordpress.org you can utilize for commercial projects. But as I wrote – always read the license (and these additional restrictions if you are on the websites of the authors WordPress template).