Best free wordpress auto post plugin for google+

auto post plugin for google

Best free WordPress auto post plugin for Google+. Publicize is the module of Jetpack. In my opinion – the best. But in contrast to the Akismet is no longer a stand-alone plug. You need to install the entire Jetpack to use the Publicize. Lots of free WordPress plugins offer automatic entries on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. But only one has an automatic entry on Google+. For only this function I installed Jetpack.

Best free WordPress auto post plugin for google+

What’s more – does it best (comparing free and paid offers). Entry on Google+ consists of a short extract from articles and photos. I personally see lack the capacity to add a few # (hashtag). And can be more social networks to automated posts. Well, I have one more observation – preferably supports Linkedin when it comes to attaching pictures (we are talking about free plugins).
So I have a whole Jetpack РWordPress plugin I do not need. I like to have only several plugins for WordPress.  I have more control as an administrator (not many plugins = not many work = You can easy see all of information). If you get a lot of plugins (many of their functions is duplicated) Рyou have trash. And who would like to work in the trash? At the end. In my, opinion, Publicize  is best free WordPress auto post plugin for Google+.

Why Google+ is important for SEO of your website?

As for Google+ itself, I think this is (for me) a weak social medium. I can not use it. I can not find anything interesting there. But Google+ has one huge advantage. By publishing there you give a strong signal (social media signal) to the Google search engine. Therefore, it is important to associate WordPress with Google+. You publish automatically, for free and you increase the Off Page SEO of your website.

Jetpack features (some)

Traffic and SEO Tools

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Jetpack includes:

  • [free] Site stats and analytics
  • [free] Automatic sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, and WhatsApp
  • [free] Related posts
  • [paid] Search engine optimization tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, and
  • [paid] Advertising program that includes the best of AdSense, Facebook Ads, AOL, Amazon, Google AdX, and Yahoo

The plugin can be downloaded here: Jetpack by