Free EDU backlinks. Do you need backlinks from EDU domains? Does EDU Backlinks Generator work?

Free EDU backlinks

Free EDU backlinks. When you are looking for information on how to increase your website’s position in the search engines – you will find articles in which you are encouraged to:

  • Get backlinks from .EDU domains
  • Get backlinks from .GOV domains

Now I will only deal with .EDU domain.

What can you read about getting backlinks from EDU domains?

  • You must have these free EDU backlinks – they increase the position of your website in the search engines.
  • The more backlinks from an EDU domain, the stronger your website is.
  • It is very easy to find the EDU domain where you can put your backlink.
  • There are backlink generators that will give you mass backlinks from EDU domains.
  • Google loves websites with lots of backlinks from EDU domains.

Is this true? Will such backlinks really help you get high in search results? I’ll explain everything at once. Step by step.

Backlinks from EDU domains do not increase the position of your website

Really? But those hundreds or thousands of articles say something else. Of course – because most of the articles are “copy and paste”. This information was true a few years ago. Currently, Google says: I treat each domain the same.

Where does this come from? Every year, there are more and more domain extensions. The benefits are few but I do not want to write about it now. With this relationship has Google. Why? Because it strongly supports the emergence of new domain extensions. This involves a new Google service (you will be able to buy domains from Google), but also involves a correction to the Google search engine.

For Google, what matters is the best information, not where it comes from. This is simplified because when this information comes from many sources, the most reliable source is chosen. Credibility is not related to the number of backlinks from EDU domains.

Is it worth wasting time getting free EDU backlinks?

When we accept the fact that Google treats the same way backlinks from .edu domains as backlinks from the domain, for example. .IO the answer will be: Yes.

I denied myself? No. Let me explain.

  • Backlink from .EDU domain-  eg in some article where  hundreds of people placed a backlink is a backlink from spam source (This is often the case for .EDU domains – Everyone is trying to get backlinks there). So this backlink from .EDU domain is bad.
  • Backlink earned on the .EDU domain, for example, when an article in a particular school mentions Just You – this is a great backlink.
  • Backlink from .COM domain – eg in some article where there are thousands of backlinks – this is bad backlink.
  • Backlink from .COM domain – eg in Washington Post article that describes only your website – this is a great backlink.

You will get free EDU backlinks if you enter in the search engine: inurl:blog “post a comment” -“comments closed” -“you must be logged in” “Your Key Word

What am I going to say about this? This is “@ # CCS !!”. But I will explain my point of view:

  • You will lose a lot of time to find a place in the .EDU domain to be able to place your backlink
  • Most often it turns out that there are already 1000 comments with 10000 backlinks – all backlinks are spam backlinks.
  • You get almost always: no dofollow backlinks.

The end result – after hours of “work” you will get some spam no dofollow backlinks. You may as well delete your website. This is the same effect in Google’s eyes.

Free EDU backlinks Generator?

So could we use the backlink generators? Okay, you can. In some cases it even works (backlinks on domain valuation sites – because it is a natural action). But there are no backlink generators to EDU domains. If they are – you will definitely get a dofollow backlink which is placed on a “spam” article.

Well, maybe I’ll buy the .EDU domain and I’ll do the backlinks myself.

First of all – buying a .EDU domain is not such a simple matter. The fastest way? Buy the entire college with the .EDU domain assigned to her. Another way? Create college. Must be respected. Apply for registration of .EDU lda domain of this university. You may register.

Conclusion: give up on this idea.

But I absolutely want to have Free EDU backlinks!

You do not want! You want to have some good backlinks than hundreds of bad ones. If you really need to have (because it looks good on your web site’s audit – using a Chrome plugin or some website that does SEO audit) then I have advice for you:
Get a lot of good backlinks, get hundreds or thousands of social media signals, let your website have a few months, write regular articles and then get some free EDU backlinks. Then it will not have a negative impact on your web site.