Gaining followers on Instagram

Gaining followers on Instagram

Gaining followers on Instagram. How to have a lot of followers on Instagram? In principle, the question can be asked as: how to have a lot of followers on social media? Why? Because there are two answers regarding: Instagram but also Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media.

  • naturally
  • artificially

Artificial gaining followers on Instagram

Now I will only signal this way because any possibility of artificial enhancing the popularity of your profile on social media is described on the “Like4Like” page.

Natural gaining followers on Instagram

This is a safe way that is recommended by me. The problem is that although you use all possible natural ways, you may find that you will not have many followers. However, there are some things that increase your chances. It is worth remembering that because without them you simply will not achieve success.

  • hashtags – I exchange them in the first place because in Instagram hashtags are the most important thing. These are tags that describe your photos. Make it easy to search Instagram for specific topics. Because they are used in the format: “# + tag” we are talking about hashtags. Example: “#Instagram”. You can maximally give 30 hashtags to a photo. In my opinion from 10 to 20 looks ok. As I look at pictures with 30 hashtags I think I see spam. But that’s my opinion. If you do not add hashtags then no one will find your picture.
  • Great picture. Simple but not quite as it seems. Of course, you can upload the original picture but why not to try to “improve” them? How? Photo editing programs.
  • Slogans – if you do not have great photos then nothing is lost. Give your worse picture as a background picture. Place on it: catchy, easy to remember or inviting to action – slogans! How to do it? I wrote about it here. You can further enhance the attractiveness of captions using great fonts.
  • Engage, talk, judge. Be active on Instagram
  • Write some interesting sentences about yourself on your profile
  • Have an interesting nick
  • Focus on one topic. Writing about everything means writing about nothing (Remember that on Instagram we tell story through photos!).
  • Let everything (profile, photos) will be consistent. Characteristic for you. This is the way to create a brand.

Important questions about Instagram

I will answer these questions soon in my next articles. What will I write on the Rithven Inspire website?