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Get free good backlinks

Get free good backlinks. I present another list of places where you can get free good backlinks for your website. Why getting backlinks is so important? There are several reasons. Before explaining I’ll just say one thing. Important.

Each of us would like to have natural backlinks. But that can not be achieved, not at the beginning of developing a website.

Natural backlinks

Natural backlinks are backlinks gained in a normal way:

  • Someone sees your article on your site And give a link to this article in some place.
  • Someone sees on some website backlink to your article and elsewhere gives a link to the “secondary” site (if there is such a chain – dofollow backlink -> dofollow backlink-> etc , Even a chain of 10 dofollow backlinks Leads to your web site And gives her strength).
  • Someone from a large and well-known newspaper saw your article and The newspaper writes its own article Mentioning your article and giving backlinks.
  • Etc…

Just to make it happen, you have to:

  • Wait a year or 5 years to get one of hundreds of your articles up (maybe you hit a keyword that has no competition, maybe someone will see your article and he will spread it somewhere)
  • Start working first in Social Media. Then having a large audience – redirect them to your website.
  • Make your website and using all the available SEO techniques (legal, white) to speed up the time to gain strength of your website.

What you choose? I know what I chose. If you want to speed up this time then I invite you to use places where you can get backlinks to your website.

Get free good backlinks


Social Bookmarking Dofollow Sites  РRemarks:

  • In many cases, the short article type “hi, I found something interesting (link)” will not be accepted. That’s why I wrote about effort and time. You may find that you will have to sacrifice some of the article. Change it, link naturally (with long keywords).
  • Personally, after testing a lot of different sites I chose a few places – where I stayed longer. Everyone has their preferences – so I’m not suggesting anyone. Look for yourself – good sites from where you will draw backlinks.
  • Often the registration process itself can be tiring. Personal data is required. There are hidden ways to add articles (of course backlinks), or you have to meet a few conditions to do so.
  • Free Submission – means that you do not pay for it to get backlink (by writing an article, for example).
  • You may find that on a given page after some time will turn off dofollow. Do not worry – nofollow backlinks have their value – thanks to them – your website looks natural.

Getting dofollow backlink

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