Use of Instagram for Off Page SEO

Use of Instagram for Off Page SEO

Use of Instagram for Off Page SEO. Everyone writes that social media needs to be used to improve Off Page SEO. Everyone writes that you must be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or write that you must sign up for an Instagram account.

Alright. This is the theory. And how is it in reality? I present my thoughts on this subject.

The goals of using social media

I am writing in the context of increasing the power and traffic of your website. I miss the goal: to become a star in a social medium. We are interested in: have a top 1 web page for your keywords.

The goals are: (I’ve already mentioned them before!)

  • Increase traffic on your website
  • Increase the power of your website

Use of Instagram for Off Page SEO

Today I will deal with Instagram’s social medium. After a few months of testing personally I find that Instagram is difficult to use for Off Page SEO. You really have to think about integrating your website with Instagram. First, I will write about what works or what will work.

  • Must have a website focused on one of several topics: makeup, bags, fashion, dresses, nails, Hair layout, clothes…
  • Instagram posts must be movies! Movies must show a part of eg stamping with the annotation: more on the website. It works on 100%. Everything else (other topics, otherwise structured posts result in the ability to redirect traffic to a website can easily fall to 0%).

Why do not I mention increasing the power of a website? Because there is no such thing. I will explain at the end.

What does not work on Instagram?

Basically everything. You can have hundreds or thousands of followers and none of them will come to your website. The discussions on Instagram compared to the discussions on the blogs are vain. I have not met anyone to write something like this: 

a great Instagram account, I will visit your website

On blogs I have this sentence every moment (and this from the level of the usual comment). (Remember about blogs about fashion and their accounts on Instagram – this is an exception)

Why Instagram Is So Bad For Off Page SEO?

Because Instagram is the picture. Multimedia transmission. It is in its own way iconography. Most people watch movies and photos in the first place. They meet their needs and do not have to enter the website.

Method of observation:

  • My accounts (for tests) and other user accounts (observation)
  • Watching Instagram accounts, posts and comments (but also posts and comments on the website)
  • Increasing post exposure for many hours by adding likes (up to 15,000 likes / day)
  • Observation of the event path: post, liking, gaining followers, entering the website.
  • A few things I do not want to describe (These are just details, not hacking or black hat SEO).

Summary: Instagram is a waste of time (Use of Instagram for Off Page SEO is really hard).

Exception: The previously described specific content of the website.

Why did I write that Instagram is a waste of time?

Because for me time is money. I do not have much time for thousands of activities related to the website. If I compare what gives me more traffic and power of the internet website using the hour of my work, then Instagram is at the bottom of a long list of opportunities. Of course – if I had a blog about hair styling (although I’m bald) I would use Instagram (skilfully). For now Instagram is really for me a waste of time.

Instagram does not give you traffic but does it give you power?

Not directly. This means that instagram links do not give anything. Only what can give power is:

  • You have a super Instagram account – someone will write about it. But if the article only links to your Instagram account … then you do not get anything. The article must also include a link to your website. If such a link in the article was not, write to the editor. And remember: backlink do follow and not backlink not follow
  • Create a PBN page. Subject: Interesting Instagram accounts. Create several Instagram accounts. Fill them with pictures. About them Write on your PBN website. In the articles give links to your main website and other PBN sites and from them to your main website.

This is obviously risky (you risk ban on Google) but probably the most profitable. If you do well: you have thousands of backlinks (dofollow) of value (after several months working on Off Page SEO for these PBN sites): DA 20-30.

What I wrote was a black / gray Seo hat. Why did I write about it? To show you how much you have to do to get Instagram to make a profit (Use of Instagram for Off Page SEO). Lots of effort !!! Did I do that? No. Can you imagine how much effort you have to devote to getting (risking) these backlinks? During this time, you have no time for your main website. So it falls in the rankings (the competition is not sleeping). Posts are getting older .. etc, idt. I just do not recommend Instagram.

Important questions about Instagram

I will answer these questions soon in my next articles. What will I write on the Rithven Inspire website?