What is Instagram and how does it work?

What is Instagram

What is Instagram and how does it work? I do not know how you but I often in various newspapers read: this actor published a bold photo on Instagram or this blogger has conquered Instagram .. and so on. It stimulates the imagination. This causes the desire that people want to have a huge audience on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

The first question is easy to answer. This is another social medium. Mainly intended for cell users. You can of course use Instagram from a personal computer but:

  • There are fewer features – using Instagram through a web browser.
  • This is not completely legal – Use of Instagram through computer applications.

Full ability to modify your entries and account data you have from the phone application. When you use Instagram with a web browser, you have limited access to edit information. But when you use Instagram with computer applications be prepared to have a banned account. This problem especially concerns applications that help you to get “likes on Instagram”(In the same way, you run the risk of getting bans using services that offer such “likes”).

What is Instagram for me?

Very simple, friendly and non-time-consuming social medium.

How does Instagram work?

Action on this social medium is very simple. First, we set up an account. The process is simple. I recommend adding your phone number to your Instagram account right away. Why?

  • Password recovery
  • Security – difficult to take control of the account where the phone number is stored
  • As I mentioned – Instagram has many features available only from the phone. And it is best to use Instagram from the original application.

The posts on Instagram are really the photos most often made by phone and sent to Instagram. Sometimes without any additional information (you take a picture and send it to your Instagram account). Sometimes (when you want to create a nice entry to Instagram) you add an extra description and most importantly: you add a hashtag. What is it – I will write about it in a moment.

How to create the nicest profile on Instagram?

To be honest – it’s impossible. Or otherwise. Your profile is nice by other things than eg. Facebook. But I will write about it in a future article.

What can you see on your user profile on Instagram?

  • Small logo (or profile picture – but for me it’s so small that I think about it like a logo).
  • User Name
  • Short description
  • You can add a link to a website (one link).
  • Photos

Photos (Instagram entries)

In fact, this is most of what you see on any user profile. I’m not surprised – this is the most important thing. This is where the most important game is. About what? About being famous on Instagram.

What do you have to remember by making entries on Instagram?

Of course there are many things but for me there are only a few things that matter:

You may accidentally upload your naked photo to Instagram (or someone else). Or a photo from the “an uncomfortable situation” (eg What do you do in the toilet?). Instagram is the world of mobile users. This is the world of many “do not want – yet”.

  • You do not want to – but yet you go to the internet
  • You do not want to – and yet you call someone.
  • You do not want to – yet you send your naked photo to Instagram

You need to remember to add the appropriate hashtags. Without this, no one will see your photos (only people watching your profile will see them). On Instagram, search results are related (in my opinion) only to the relevant hashtag.

I hope you got the initial answers to the questions in the title of the article ie: What is Instagram? and How does Instagram work?

Important questions about Instagram

I will answer these questions soon in my next articles. What will I write on the Rithven Inspire website?